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It's been a while since I have posted. There's no easy way to get around that, so sorry. My faculty have recently set up a blog, a Twitter feed and a Youtube channel, so my efforts are currently being directed there. I will be doing some personal reflections towards the end of the term here,... Continue Reading →

Top 5: Teacher Fashion Picks

As a teenager, I spent many years working in a shop. Once I graduated, I spent some time in a bank. Both of these positions required me to wear uniforms. Starchy, ill-fitting and generally uncomfortable, I longed for the day I would be in a position to pick my own clothes to wear to work.... Continue Reading →

Guest Blog – MrScienTeach

MrScienTeach is a PGCE student at Cardiff Met, studying to be a science teacher. He also happens to be PixiePoppins' husband. Hello All. I've been asked to write a guest blog post talking about my experiences as a PGCE student. First off, I am loving teaching and I really enjoy most aspects of a PGCE... Continue Reading →

Top 5: Alternative Feedback Methods

Being an English Teacher is tough for many reasons, but among the teaching community the primary source of contention is the marking. The never ending ever growing truly relentless marking. Exam season seems to bring out the sadism of the job. Just how much red penning can you handle before you crack? It isn't just... Continue Reading →

A Termly Reflection

This is the time of year when most people reflect back on the highs and lows of the year and think about how next year will be the greatest year ever when all of their dreams will come true. Thing is, that's an integral part of getting through my day and therefore the build up to Christmas,... Continue Reading →

Student Teacher Tips: Lesson Planning

Planning is a huge part of a teaching career and one that can make or break your classroom resolve. Planning 45 hours of valuable content a fortnight sounds like a mammoth task, not to mention all that planning is done outside of school hours. But, with some practice and learning from mistakes, things become very... Continue Reading →

Student Teacher Tips: Observing Lessons

It's looming, and with a blend of trepidation and excitement ITT students around the country and starting to turn their focus to September. It's new term time! Which means this blog is starting up again in ernest. I am going to do another post on my summer goals, but the summer has been restful and... Continue Reading →

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